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Animal welfare

Animal welfare news from UK Parliament.

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Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill becomes an Act of Parliament. Catch up
08 April 2022
Lords debates five private members’ bills
Members discuss pensions, British Sign Language, game birds, glue traps and approved premises for substance testing. Catch up
28 March 2022
Lords debates private members’ bills at second reading
Members debate seizure of cultural objects, support for those with Down Syndrome, compulsory motor insurance and animal welfare penalties notices. Catch up
21 March 2022
Secretary of State and others questioned on EU import checks
MPs will take evidence on Tuesday 1 March at 2.30pm
24 February 2022
New animal welfare body mustn’t be “toothless”
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee writes to the Secretary of State
17 January 2022
Regulation of online animal sales to be debated by MPs
MPs to debate a petition relating to the regulation of online animal sales
08 December 2021
MPs to debate petition relating to animal testing
MPs to debate a petition relating to animal testing
14 October 2021
Government 'unprepared to press go' on 'evident and ready solutions' to post-Brexit movement of animals between UK and EU
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee publishes Moving animals across borders report
30 September 2021
Animal Sentience Bill examined by MPs
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee examines whether it will be sufficiently independent and have the necessary expertise
14 July 2021
Seafood and meat exports to the EU: MPs call on Government to 'adopt pragmatic stance'
Committee publish Government response to the Committee's report on Seafood and meat exports to the EU
12 July 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss human rights sanctions, housing developments on flood plains, Official Development Assistance and the Child Maintenance Service. Learn more
25 June 2021
Puppy smuggling and live animal exports: Ministers to be questioned
MPs hold final evidence session of their inquiry into Moving animals across borders
24 June 2021
Chair responds to Kept Animals Bill
Neil Parish responds to a new Bill which introduces restrictions on smuggling puppies and other domestic pets over the UK border
08 June 2021
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