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Animals news from UK Parliament.

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Lords accepts trade standards compromise
Members discuss new free trade agreements as Agriculture Bill scrutiny concludes
10 November 2020
Public Sector Food Procurement inquiry hearing held by committee
Committee holds its first oral evidence session as part of its inquiry into Public Sector Procurement of Food.
05 November 2020
Committee call for evidence on effectiveness of proposed deal
Committee launches a short call for evidence in order to scrutinise the proposed Fisheries Framework Agreement between the UK and Norway
21 October 2020
Ministers challenged on unresolved chemicals concerns
EU Environment Sub-Committee writes to Ministers with concerns on chemical regulation
12 October 2020
We must slam the brakes on biodiversity loss, says Chair
Environmental Audit Committee Chair comments on Sir David Attenborough documentary on extinction and UN biodiversity targets
14 September 2020
Food processors and producers questioned on labour in the food supply chain
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee scrutinise current labour supply and demand
10 September 2020
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MPs to consider how the Government can enhance healthy ecosystems
Committee launches new inquiry into biodiversity and ecosystems
14 July 2020
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Short inquiry launch: Agrifood and the Northern Ireland Protocol
The EU Environment Sub-Committee launches a new short inquiry
01 June 2020
Lords debates food supply and security
Availability of provisions during Covid-19 pandemic on agenda
15 May 2020
Lords discusses green economy
Members debate investment to meet zero carbon targets
13 March 2020
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Debate: caging of farm animals
MPs to debate a petition about caging of farm animals started by Deborah Meaden
12 March 2020
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Debate: animal sentience and welfare
MPs to debate a petition about animal sentience and welfare started by Alesha Dixon
12 March 2020
Lords debates threats to native trees
Members discuss dangers posed by pests and diseases
13 February 2020
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Have your say on the Agriculture Bill
Call for written evidence
04 February 2020
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Lords EU exit regulations: 30 October
Animal welfare, agriculture, fisheries and rail safety on agenda
31 October 2019
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