Title Date
Agricultural resilience discussion with farmers on Committee visit 10.03.2016
Farmers and taxpayers failed by dysfunctional leadership 02.03.2016
RPA financial support delays putting livelihoods at risk 02.03.2016
Farming Minister gives evidence on agricultural resilience to Committee 09.02.2016
Financial dimension to agricultural resilience explored by Committee 29.01.2016
Committee explores international approaches to agricultural resilience 26.01.2016
European Commission questioned on agricultural resilience and Common Agricultural Policy 15.01.2016
Role of innovation and research explored by committee 13.01.2016
Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s questioned on Farmgate prices 16.12.2015
Farmers give evidence on agricultural price volatility 16.12.2015
Academics give evidence to Committee on agricultural price volatility 09.12.2015
Minister and Groceries Code Adjudicator give evidence 01.12.2015
Supermarkets give evidence on farmgate prices 20.11.2015
Farmgate prices impact on agricultural industry explored 28.10.2015
Biotechnology and science policy experts give evidence on GM insects 09.10.2015
MPs slam DEFRA's mismanagement of IT for farmers' CAP claims 27.03.2015
Urgent Question: Rural Payment Agency: Basic Payment Scheme 24.03.2015
Dairy farming in Wales and the effect of price falls 03.03.2015
Milk producers need greater price protection 20.01.2015
Minister for farming gives evidence on dairy prices 02.12.2014