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Agriculture and environment

Agriculture and environment news from UK Parliament.

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A busy House of Lords chamber looking towards the throne
2022 in the House of Lords
Catch up on a packed year in the Lords with 5,244 changes to 100 bills, plus questions and debates in over 3,350 hours of business.
19 December 2022
Committee probes post-Brexit farm payments
Committee to examine the government’s progress rolling out its new farm payment system - the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS)
18 July 2022
Secretary of State and others questioned on EU import checks
MPs will take evidence on Tuesday 1 March at 2.30pm
24 February 2022
Lords debates energy national policy statements
Members discuss government's draft overarching national policy statement for energy. Catch up
23 February 2022
MPs explore impact of climate change on family farming in Wales
The impacts of climate change policy and free trade agreements (FTAs) on family farming in Wales explored by MPs
28 January 2022
Three private members' bills in the Lords
Members discuss hereditary peers, cigarette health warnings and addition of environment to the national curriculum. Catch up
06 December 2021
MPs investigate farm fertiliser spreading rules
EFRA Committee holds public evidence session on Farming rules for water inquiry
26 November 2021
ASau i edrych ar yr heriau sy’n wynebu ffermio teuluol yng Nghymru
Mae’r Pwyllgor Materion Cymreig yn cynnal ei sesiwn dystiolaeth gyntaf yn ei ymchwiliad newydd i ffermydd teuluol.
19 November 2021
MPs look at challenges facing family farming in Wales
The Welsh Affairs Committee holds an evidence session for its new family farming inquiry
19 November 2021
Trees in a wood
Lords agrees improvements to Environment Bill
Members agree proposed compromises on courts' powers and reducing the impact of sewage discharges after asking the Commons to think again. Find out more
10 November 2021
PM asked to act on workers’ visas by “frightened” farmers
Neil Parish MP has written to the Prime Minister
28 October 2021
Lords debates planning system and land use
Land use in spotlight as members debate integrating the planning system with other infrastructure, landscape and agricultural land processes. Catch up
28 October 2021
House of Lords chamber
Lords debates private members’ bills
Members discuss elderly social care, organ tourism and environment education. Catch up
19 July 2021
Total results 138 (page 1 of 10)