Lords debates food supply and security

Availability of provisions during Covid-19 pandemic on agenda

New funding announced for dairy farmers

New funding announced for dairy farmers

Lords oral questions to government on 30 April

The virtual session focuses on Covid-19, and Syria

Lords questions government in oral questions on 28 April

Virtual questions session relating to Covid-19, EU negotiations and the Olympics

Lords discusses green economy

Members debate investment to meet zero carbon targets

More agriculture

Title Date
What fundamental changes should be made to the UK's food system? 10.03.2020
What is the relationship between food production and public health? 03.03.2020
How do we ensure a sustainable future for farming? 25.02.2020
Lords debates threats to native trees 14.02.2020
Minister makes statement on flood response 10.02.2020
Lords discusses net zero carbon emissions target 07.02.2020