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Agriculture news from UK Parliament.

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Government falls short on labour shortages, say MPs
The Committee publishes the Government's response to their labour shortages report from April
23 June 2022
All new trade deals must protect ‘core standards’, MPs say
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has published a report on the Australia Free Trade Agreement
17 June 2022
Australia free trade deal examined by MPs
Committee to take evidence on the free trade deal the UK signed with Australia in December 2021
06 May 2022
Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill becomes an Act of Parliament. Catch up
08 April 2022
Transparency needed on corporations purchasing viable farm land for carbon offset schemes to avoid farmers being priced out
Committee publish report on the economic and cultural impacts of trade and environmental policy on family farms in Wales
07 April 2022
Government failure to tackle labour shortages will shrink food sector permanently, warn MPs
There can be no doubt about the seriousness of the issues facing the food and farming sector, warns EFRA Committee.
06 April 2022
MPs write to Minister on fertiliser inflation and food security
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee writes to the Secretary of State
29 March 2022
Experts questioned on rural mental health
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee examine how mental health outcomes in rural areas compare to urban areas
10 March 2022
Secretary of State and others questioned on EU import checks
MPs will take evidence on Tuesday 1 March at 2.30pm
24 February 2022
Lords debates energy national policy statements
Members discuss government's draft overarching national policy statement for energy. Catch up
23 February 2022
MPs explore impact of climate change on family farming in Wales
The impacts of climate change policy and free trade agreements (FTAs) on family farming in Wales explored by MPs
28 January 2022
MPs welcome farm muckspreading commitment – now they want action
The Committee wrote a letter to the Minister for Farming, Fisheries and Food saying there was significant confusion among farmers about rules
26 January 2022
MPs tackle farm manure issue, welcome promised new guidance
Committee tackle farm manure issue and welcome promised new guidance
12 January 2022
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