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Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill becomes law

28 May 2024

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The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill completed its final stages in the Lords on Friday 24 May and received Royal Assent.

The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill aims to improve homeownership for leaseholders by 'empowering' them and 'improving their consumer rights'. It is the second part of the government’s legislative package to deliver on its commitments on leasehold reform.

Wash-up period

Due to the upcoming general election, Parliament will be dissolved on Thursday 30 May. To prevent this bill from failing at the end of this Parliament, its remaining stages have been fast-tracked. This period of completing unfinished business before a general election is known as the ‘wash-up’.

The remaining stages considered were:

  • Report stage, a further chance to examine the bill and make changes.
  • Third reading, a chance to tidy up the text of the bill.

Proposed changes

Members speaking at report stage put down amendments (PDF) to be considered on subjects including:

  • retirement housing 
  • National Trust properties
  • homeowner leases.

Following report stage, third reading took place with no further amendments made. The bill was then returned to the Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

The Commons agreed to the changes made by the Lords and the bill received Royal Assent later that day, 24 May, and became an Act of Parliament (law).

Catch up

What's happened so far?

Committee stage

Committee stage, a chance to thoroughly examine individual parts (clauses) of the bill, took place on 22, 24 and 29 April and 1 May.

Second reading 

Second reading, a full debate on the key principles of the bill, took place on Wednesday 27 March.

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