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Visit the Palace of Westminster! Tours through to July now bookable

31 January 2024

A group of visitors walking through Parliament looking at paintings on the walls

You can visit the Palace of Westminster on most Saturdays and weekdays during parliamentary recesses.

About the Palace of Westminster tour

Self-guided audio tours allow you to explore at your own pace, guided by a multimedia device.

 You may prefer to join a guided tour led by an expert guide.

For either tour option you’ll need 90 minutes to discover the historic rooms and iconic spaces including Westminster Hall, Central Lobby, and the chambers of the House of Commons, and the House of Lords.  Along the way you will learn about the history and heritage of UK Parliament and what happens here today.

About the Speaker’s House tour

You can now also book a 75-minute guided tour of The State Apartments of Speaker’s House. This is the lesser-known part of the Palace of Westminster where the Speaker conducts official business and lives. Find out what the Speaker of the House of Commons does on a day-to-day basis, and why the role was once considered to be perilous.

This year only, your ticket will include a special display in Speaker’s House which tells the story of the Speaker’s and UK Parliament’s diplomatic relationship to other Commonwealth countries and its significance around the world today.

Tours are available to book during the Easter and Summer parliamentary recesses.

Accessible tours

UK Parliament is accessible for visitors with disabilities and other access needs, and we offer a range of facilities to help you during your visit.

If you need specific advice, please contact us on 020 7219 4114 or email