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Pedicabs (London) Bill undergoes further Lords scrutiny

31 January 2024

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Members of the House of Lords concluded their further examination of the Pedicabs (London) Bill, in report stage on Tuesday 30 January.

The Pedicabs (London) Bill seeks to empower Transport for London (TfL) to regulate tricycle taxis (pedicabs) in the captial for the first time.

Detailed scrutiny

Report stage is an extra chance for members to closely scrutinise elements of the bill and make changes.    

Government changes agreed 

Members speaking at report stage put down amendments (PDF) including government proposals that would:

  • regulate excessive noise caused by pedicabs
  • allow the transport secretary to issue guidance to Transport for London.

These changes were agreed to without a division (vote).

Catch up

Explore further information

Read background on the bill in the House of Lords Library Pedicabs (London) Bill briefing.

Next steps

Third readinga chance for members to make sure the eventual law is effective, workable and without loopholes, is scheduled for Tuesday 6 February.

What's happened so far?

Committee stage

Line by line examination of the bill took place during committee stage on Monday 11 December 2023.

Second reading

Second reading, a debate on the primary aims of the bill, took place on Monday 20 November.

Image: Adam Cole / Pexels

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