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Five short debates in the Lords

24 November 2023

Members of the House of Lords participating in a debate

The House of Lords held five short debates on Thursday 23 November, covering solitary confinement in hospital for those with learning disabilities and autism, use of agricultural fungicide, the powered light vehicle industry, air travel for disabled passengers and educational technology in schools.

Solitary confinement in hospital 

In the chamber, members debated implementing the recommendations of the report 'My heart breaks — solitary confinement in hospital has no therapeutic benefit for people with a learning disability and autistic people'.

This debate was put forward by Baroness Hollins (Crossbench).

Lords Thursday debates

One Thursday each month, the House of Lords holds four short debates (one hour each) in Grand Committee. On Thursday 23 November from 1pm, members debated the following subjects: 

Agricultural fungicide

Members considered how the UK’s current agricultural fungicide use will affect long-term food and biological security, in a debate put forward by Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (Green).

Powered light vehicle industry

Members discussed supporting a safe and sustainable future for mopeds, motorcycles and the powered light vehicle industry, in a debate put forward by Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (Labour).

Air travel for disabled passengers

Members debated air travel for disabled passengers, in a topic put forward by Baroness Brinton (Liberal Democrat).

Educational technology in UK schools

Members discussed the role of educational technology in UK schools in relation to educational outcomes, social development and student privacy, in a debate put forward by Baroness Kidron (Crossbench).

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Short debates 

Questions for Short Debate are an opportunity for members to draw the government’s attention to concerns and hold it to account. They last for about 60 minutes. A minister or spokesperson responds on behalf of the government.

Image: House of Lords / Annabel Moeller

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