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Four short debates in the Lords

12 January 2023

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The House of Lords discussed the outcome of COP15, mortality rates for men and women, funding for the Oak National Academy, and Zimbabwe’s readmission into the Commonwealth, in four short debates on Thursday 12 January.

Lords Thursday debates 

One Thursday each month, the House of Lords holds four short debates  (one hour each) in Grand Committee. On Thursday 12 January from 1pm, members debated the following subjects:


Members discussed the outcome of the UN's Biodiversity Conference: COP15, in a debate put forward by Lord Randall of Uxbridge (Conservative). 

Mortality rates

Members considered the research paper: 'Bearing the burden of austerity: how do changing mortality rates in the UK compare between men and women?', in a debate put forward by Lord Sikka (Labour).

Oak National Academy

Members discussed the impact of government funding for Oak National Academy on publishing and technology sectors, in a debate put forward by Lord Vaizey of Didcot (Conservative).


Members discussed blocking Zimbabwe’s readmission into the Commonwealth until it is compliant with the principles of the Commonwealth’s 1991 Harare Declaration, in a debate put forward by  Lord Oates (Liberal Democrat).

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Short debates 

Short debates are an opportunity for members to draw the government’s attention to concerns and hold it to account. They last for about 60 minutes, a minister or spokesperson responds on behalf of the government at the end. 

The four short debates on one Thursday a month take place in Grand Committee, work away from the main chamber. 

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Image: House of Lords / photography by Roger Harris