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House of Lords celebrates LGBT+ History Month

1 February 2023

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February is LGBT+ History Month. Read on to discover how the House of Lords considers the issues facing the LGBT+ community and the role members play to remove barriers and raise awareness for LGBT+ rights.  

The House of Lords is made up of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and professions across the UK. They work on behalf of the UK public and bring their experience to the work of the House of Lords in its role as the second chamber of the UK Parliament. 

Life Peers’ Life Stories: Lord Hayward  

Lord Hayward uses his voice in the House of Lords to speak up for equality and gay rights. He is a dedicated rugby fan and was a member of the Lords Sport and Recreation Committee. As part of our Life Peers’ Life Stories series, watch him visit Harlequin's RFC Pride Day where he combines the two causes he champions.  

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Pressing the government: Lord Lexden 

In October 2022, Lord Lexden pressed the government in Lords questions on restoring the pension rights of LGBT veterans who were discharged or dismissed as a result of the pre-2000 ban on homosexuality in the Armed Forces.  

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 

Following campaigning by Lord Cashman, Lord Lexden and others the government put forward changes that expand the disregard and pardon scheme for abolished same-sex crimes. It means anyone convicted or cautioned for consensual homosexual activity, under now-abolished laws, can apply to have them disregarded. These changes also expand the scheme to make it available for the first time to ​members of the Armed Forces ​convicted of service-only discipline offences.  

House of Lords podcast: Lord Cashman 

Listen as Lord Cashman talks about his life and journey to the Lords, fighting for equality and how he aims to make a difference in the House of Lords.  

An inclusive employer 

The House of Lords has been consistently ranked as one of the UK’s top employers for diversity and inclusion. 

In partnership with the House of Commons it has established Workplace Equality Networks (WENs) for groups to support staff, provide a safe space to discuss issues of representation at work and to support the initiatives outlined in each House's Inclusion and Diversity Plans. 

This includes ParliOut which aims to make LGBT role models more visible and accessible.  

Get involved 

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Photo credits: House of Lords / Roger Harris 

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