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What's on in the Lords 6-9 June

27 May 2022

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Highlights of what happened from 6-9 June in the House of Lords:


Members questioned government on the causes of food insecurity in England, specialist support for domestic abuse victims, delays experienced by patients trying to access their GP and support for male victims of crime.


The House of Lords debated the key purpose of the Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill at second reading and began a line by line examination of the Schools Bill at committee stage.


Members debated the cost of living and plans for a new constitutional relationship for the four nations of the UK. 

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Catch up 

Monday 6 June


Members pressed the government for 40 minutes on:


Members debated the key principles and main purpose of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill at second reading.

Urgent question repeats 

The Lords questioned government on its answers to two urgent questions made in the House of Commons on: 

Tuesday 7 June


Members questioned the government for 40 minutes on:


Members debated the main purpose of the Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill at second reading.


The House debated regulations relating to immigration and restrictions on employment and residential accommodation.

Wednesday 8 June


Members questioned the government on:


Members began line by line check of the Schools Bill at the first of five days of committee stage.

Thursday 9 June


Members questioned the government for 40 minutes on:


The House debated the following topics:

Short Debates

In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, members debated the following topics:

Urgent question repeat

The Lords questioned government proposals to override the Northern Ireland Protocol.


Following a government statement, members raised questions on a review into health and social care

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