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Lords begins line by line scrutiny of Procurement Bill

4 July 2022

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Members of the Lords started their detailed check of the Procurement Bill in committee stage, which began on Monday 4 July.

The Procurement Bill aims to reform the UK's public procurement regime following its exit from the European Union (EU), to create a simpler and more transparent system not based on transposed EU Directives. It also seeks to ensure that the government continues to pay fair prices on single-source defence contracts while providing value for money.

Line by line examination

Committee stage is the first chance for line by line examination of the bill.

Proposed changes

Five days of committee stage have been scheduled so far to consider more than 550 changes to the draft law.

  • Monday 4 July
  • Wednesday 6 July
  • Monday 11 July
  • Wednesday 13 July
  • Monday 18 July

*schedule is subject to change

Monday 4 July

Members speaking on day one of committee stage put forward amendments (PDF) (changes) to the bill to be discussed.

These amendments covered a range of subjects, including:

  • which bodies and organisations should fall under the bill's remit, including privately-owned utilities, universities, and ARIA
  • joint projects with other countries
  • procurement by groups of local authorities.

Catch up

Catch up on Parliament TV or read a transcript in Lords Hansard.

Explore further information

Read background on the bill in the House of Lords Library Procurement Bill [HL] briefing.

Next steps

Committee stage  continues on Wenesday 6 July. 

How to follow

What's happened so far?

Second reading: Wednesday 25 May

Members discussed the main issues in the bill and flagged concerns on specific areas where they believe amendments (changes) were needed during second reading. Topics included:

  • defence
  • eradicating forced labour and modern slavery from supply chains
  • equal treatment of suppliers, and fair and open competition
  • joining contracts for research and development with procurement contracts
  • support for small and medium enterprises
  • and transparency in procurement processes.

Members speaking

Lord True (Conservative), Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, opened the debate and responded on behalf of the government.

Members speaking in the debate included:

Find out more about the issues discussed: catch up on Parliament TV  or read a transcript in Lords Hansard .

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