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What's on in the Lords 11-15 July

8 July 2022

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Highlights of what’s coming up this week:


Look out for questions on financial inclusion, supporting British content creation, GPs prescribing cannabis medicines, and amnesty for fines during the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Members are expected to begin further checks of the Schools Bill at report stage, continue line by line examination of the Procurement Bill at committee stage and complete a ‘tidy up’ of the UK Infrastructure Bank Bill and the Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill at third reading.


Members will debate the International Agreements Committee report on the UK-Australia trade deal, the Public Services Committee report on children in crisis, the status and opportunities for women and girls in the UK, and the impact of the Human Rights Act. 

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Thursday 14 July

From 11am


Members of the House of Lords will question the government for 40 minutes on:


The House will debate the following topics:

Short Debate

For 1 hour, members will debate responding to the long-term security challenges posed by China.


From 1pm

In Grand Committee, the House will consider regulations on:

Friday 15 July

From 10am


Members will have their first opportunity to debate the key principles and purpose of the following private members' bills at second reading:

  • Domestic Premises (Electrical Safety Certificate) Bill
  • Healthy Homes Bill
  • Ballot Secrecy Bill
  • Heritage Railways and Tramways (Voluntary Work) Bill
  • Climate and Ecology Bill.

Catch up

Monday 11 July


Members pressed the government for 40 minutes on:

Private notice question 

In an urgent question granted by the Lord Speaker, members quizzed the  government on the recent rise in Covid cases across the UK to 2.7 million infections over the last week.


The House debated the following committee reports:

Motion to regret

The Lords debated the safety risks of smart motorways in a 'motion to regret' put forward by Baroness Randerson (Liberal Democrat).


Members ‘tidied up’ the UK Infrastructure Bank Bill at third reading.

In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, the House continued line by line examination of the Procurement Bill on day 3 of committee stage.

Tuesday 12 July


Members questioned the government for 40 minutes on:


Members started further examination of the Schools Bill on day 1 of report stage.

Motion to regret

The House debated a 'motion to regret' the Building etc. (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2022. This motion addressed the buildings not covered by the regulations, and the time since the Grenfell Tower tragedy for the regulations to be laid. Baroness Hayman of Ullock (Labour), put forward the debate.

In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, members considered regulations on:

Wednesday 13 July


Members pressed the government for 40 minutes:

Urgent question repeats 

Members quizzed government on its answers to two urgent questions on:


The House debated a new mandate for restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.


Members conducted the second reading and remaining stages of the Energy (Oil and Gas) Profits Levy Bill, and examined the Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill at third reading.

In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, members continued detailed examination of the Procurement Bill on day 4 of committee stage.

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