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Lords debates Palace of Westminster restoration project

8 July 2022

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On Wednesday 13 July, members of the Lords will consider the Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal project and its future management.


Baroness Evans of Bowes Park (Conservative), Leader of the House of Lords, will open the debate and respond on behalf of the government. 

Restoration and Renewal

Members will debate the report from the House of Commons and House of Lords Commissions proposing a new mandate and governance structure for the Restoration and Renewal works via the establishment of a joint department of the two Houses.

Members speaking

Members speaking in the debate include

Lord Blunkett (Labour), former Home Secretary, has also prosposed an amendment to the debate. His amendment would require the House reaffirm its committment that the Palace works improve accessiblity for disabled persons, increase public enagagment and ensure the economic or other benefits are available in all areas of the UK.

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Watch and read the debate

Watch live on Parliament TV or read the Lords Hansard transcript, available from three hours after the debate.  

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Find out more about the issues the debate covers in the House of Lords Library briefing.  

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