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Life Peers' Life Stories

18 July 2022 (updated on 18 July 2022)

Since July 1958, new members have been appointed to the House of Lords for their experience, expertise and contributions to communities.

This new Life Peers' Life Stories video series is a chance to hear firsthand from members of the Lords about their community work outside the Lords, their contribution to the work of the House of Lords and their journey to becoming a life peer. 

Life Peers' Life Stories

Learn about the different backgrounds of members of the Lords and the value their experience brings to the House's work as the UK Parliament's second chamber:

Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top

Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top (Labour) is from Sunderland. Her sense of public service has run through her life, from playing an active part in local community projects in the UK and overseas to using her platform in the House of Lords to speak up on issues affecting women. She also chairs the House of Lords Public Services Committee. Watch her visit Changing Lives in Sunderland, a project providing specialist support for people experiencing challenging circumstances and domestic abuse.

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Baroness Finlay of Llandaff

Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (Crossbench) is from Cardiff. Her passion for better care for dying patients emerged from early childhood experiences with family death. She is now a leader in palliative care, having played a pivotal role in developing the funding formula for Wales to improve cancer care, a world-first funding model. See Baroness Finlay back at work at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.

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Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick

Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick (Crossbench) grew up in Widnes and Jamaica. He has worked as a teacher, on projects strengthening black communities and at the BBC. His focus is on work to support people living in poverty around the world as well as crime prevention in the UK and working with young men in prisons. Watch Lord Hastings visit Cookham Wood Young Offenders Institute for a football match. 

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Lord Hayward 

Lord Hayward (Conservative) is from rural Oxfordshire. His facination with numbers started in childhood and led to a career in political polling and elections analysis. He has also argued for equality and gay rights. Outside Parliament, he is a dedicated rugby fan. Watch him visit the Harlequin's RFC Pride Day where he combines the two causes he champions.

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Baroness Hussein-Ece

Baroness Hussein-Ece (Liberal Democrat) grew up in a Turkish-Cypriot family in London. She got engaged in local politics through doing community work, raising the profile of political representation in her local Turkish-Cypriot community. Inspired to take action following a local incident, she helped to set up a women’s support centre and played a leading role in setting up Turkish community centres in London. She often speaks in the Lords on issues affecting women and people from minority backgrounds. Watch her visit the Alevi Cultural Centre in Islington. 

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Who's in the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords come from different backgrounds and professions from across the UK, many are active in their careers and the communities they champion. The House draws on this experience and their professional expertise to carry out its work.

Life peers

Most members of the Lords are life peers: they are members for their lifetime (their title is not passed on to their children). These members are appointed under the Life Peerages Act 1958, which paved the way for women to be members of the Lords. 

Women in the Lords

Women members make up an important part of the House’s membership and make a significant contribution to the work of the House of Lords. Women have dominated the House's leadership roles in recent years: in the last 22 years there have been six women Leaders of the House of Lords (and three men) and the first two Lord Speakers were women.

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