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Three short debates in the Lords

6 July 2022 (updated on 6 July 2022)

The Moses Room in the House of Lords where Grand Committee business is conducted

Members of the House of Lords discussed tropical diseases, touring artists in the EU, and Ukrainian refugees in short debates on Thursday 7 June.

Tropical diseases

In light of the Kigali Summit on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases on 23 June, members quizzed the government on the impact of reductions in aid on the global control of those diseases.

Lords Thursday debates

One Thursday each month, the House of Lords holds short debates in Grand Committee. On Thursday 7 July, members debated the following subjects:  

Touring artists in the EU

Members discussed ways to improve the ability of musicians and other creative professionals from the UK to work and tour in the European Union.

Ukrainian refugee mothers and children

Members discussed the needs of mothers and dependent children arriving from Ukraine as refugees, particularly regarding their welfare, subsistence, safety, health, schooling and the path towards self-reliance.

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Short debates  

Short debates are an opportunity for members to draw the government’s attention to concerns and hold it to account. They last for about 60 minutes, a minister or spokesperson responds on behalf of the government at the end.  

The short debates on one Thursday a month take place in Grand Committee, work away from the main chamber.  

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Image: Roger Harris / House of Lords