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The House of Lords 2021-22: highlights from the session

29 April 2022

Full house of Lords chamber

After more than 1450 hours of business, with over 200 votes on changes to draft laws and members pressing government decisions and actions in more than 600 questions, the House of Lords 2021-22 session has come to an end.

Catch up on highlights from a packed session in the Lords.

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Changing laws

Scrutinising and making changes to bills is one of the main focuses for the House of Lords. 64 draft laws have been considered in 2021-22.

The House of Lords, as a revising chamber, regularly asks the government to think again on aspects of draft laws. During this session, the House of Lords recommended changes on several topics that the government agreed to, including:

Environment Bill

Members agreed improvements to the bill after convincing the government to think again on lessening the impact of sewage discharges and reducing single-use plastics.

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

Members convinced the government to act on several topics, such as expanding pardons for abolished same sex-offences and reviews into crimes motivated by sex or gender, spiking and sex for rent. They also asked the government to think again on creating a new offence for recording breastfeeding without consent, including online hate offences in football banning orders, and extending the time limit for bringing domestic abuse prosecutions.

The House of Lords also removed provisions from the bill that would create new powers for police to stop and search people without suspicion, and enable courts to impose restrictions on individuals related to protests.

Health and Care Bill

Members agreed to government changes to the Health and Care Bill in response to proposals raised by the Lords at earlier stages. These relate to safe discharge of hospital patients with care and support needs, organ trafficking and dispute resolution in children’s palliative care. They also include learning disability and autism training, allowing pills for early medical abortions to be taken at home, and eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking from the NHS supply chain.

Building Safety Bill

During report stage of the Building Safety Bill, an extra chance to closely scrutinise elements of the bill, members successfully convinced the government to introduce changes to ensure representation of disabled residents on residents’ panels, account building safety costs as part of service charges, and ensure that leaseholders are protected from costs related to historical building safety defects.

Elections Bill

During report stage for the Elections Bill amendments put forward by members were agreed on closing loopholes to stop foreign influence on third-party campaigning, enabling independent and secret voting by voters who are blind or partially-sighted or have another disability, and requiring the Electoral Commission to publish a code of practice relating to controlled expenditure of third parties.

Nationality and Borders Bill

Members successfully asked the government to think again on topics such as providing Chagossians and their descendants with a pathway to British nationality, restrictions on the use of age assessments for asylum seekers, and support for victims of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill

During report stage for the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, members agreed to a government amendment to add animals including octopus, squid, crab and lobster to the definition covered by the bill. This followed calls by members across the House at earlier stages to add these protections.


The House of Lords has pressed the government on decisions and actions regarding the build-up of Russian forces outside Ukraine and the subsequent invasion since April 2021.

Recently, members have quizzed government on investigating alleged war crimes, exporting weapons to Ukraine,  discussions with US and China, and support for refugees.

Raising issues in debates and questions

Throughout the year, members of the House of Lords have raised concerns, pressed government for action and questioned decisions in debates, daily oral questions and urgent questions including:

Cost of living

Assisted dying

The House of Lords considered the issues around assisted dying as members debated a private member’s bill in October. Members with a variety of personal and professional experiences covered the ethical issues involved.

Freedom of speech

On Human Rights Day 2021, the House of Lords debated the contemporary challenges to freedom of speech, discussing the online world and its role in changing the way we share and receive ideas.

International relations and development  




Members debated the value of the BBC and raised an urgent question on the privatisation of Channel 4.

Horizon scandal

Members continued to press the government for action on compensating the victims of the Horizon Scandal in questions and urgent questions.

Tributes to Sir David Amess MP

The House of Lords paid tribute to the late Sir David Amess MP on Monday 18 October 2021.

Committee reports

House of Lords committees investigate issues and make recommendations to the government for action. The topics of House of Lords committee reports in this session have included:

See a list of House of Lords Committees and read more reports or download a free guide to the work of committees.

House of Lords Podcast

Catch up on episodes from the 2021-22 Session of Parliament, including:

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