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Lords debates Coronavirus Act 2020

25 October 2021 (updated on 25 October 2021)

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The House of Lords debated the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020, on Tuesday 26 October.


This was a general debate. During debates, members put their experience to good use to discuss current issues and draw the government's attention to concerns.

The debate took place in Grand Committee, away from the main chamber.

Coronavirus rules

Members debated the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 together with regulations on the extension of self-isolation rules until March 2022. 

Find out more in the House of Lords Library briefing on the Coronavirus Act 2020.  

Members speaking

Lord Kamall (Conservative), Minister for Technology, Innovation and Life Sciences, put forward the debate and responded on behalf of the government.

Members speaking in the debate included:

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Find out more about the issues the debate covers in the House of Lords Library briefing. 

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