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Lords presses government on health and social care issues

5 November 2021

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The House of Lords holds the government to account with daily questions and debates.

From 25 October - 2 November, members raised concerns on health and social care issues including public service provision and introducing a men’s health strategy.

Checking and challenging the government


The Lords checks and challenges government action at the start of each sitting day in oral questions.

Recent questions have seen members press the government on several issues relating to health and social care.

Introducing a men’s health strategy

Members of the Lords quizzed the government on its plans to introduce a men’s health strategy on Monday 25 October. In a question put forward by Lord Farmer (Conservative), members discussed issues including the difference in life expectancy between men of different income brackets.

Public services provision

Members discussed the comparative costs and effectiveness of public services provisions in England by local authorities and private contractors in a question raised by Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Liberal Democrat). The Lords asked the government to think again about rising council tax costs and outsourcing services including firefighting, and test and trace.

Public health grants

The Lords challenged the government on public health grants to local authorities in a question by Lord Scriven (Liberal Democrat). Members raised topics including the value of public health nurses and the impact of cuts on disadvantaged areas.


The House of Lords regularly considers government policy and proposes changes in debates and questions for short debate.

Paying for social care

Members raised issues such as the costs of care for the elderly in a debate put forward by Lord Lipsey (Labour) on the possible role of the private sector helping people to pay for social care.

Further government scrutiny

Monday 8 November

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