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House of Lords round-up

28 May 2021

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Catch up with the work of the House of Lords in the 2021-22 session far and what's coming from Monday 7 June. 

2021-22 session start

The 2021-22 session started on 11 May and is in full swing. Catch up with the House of Lords five-day debate on the Queen’s Speech and key debates on three new bills (draft laws):

Find out about committee investigations into vulnerable children and the impact of COVID-19 on equality in UK towns and cities and meetings with the Governor of the Bank of England and the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

Back to business

The House of Lords returns on Monday 7 June following a short pause for recess.

Environment Bill

Members will debate the main purpose and key areas (second reading) of the Environment Bill on Monday 7 June.

Taxpayers treated unfairly?

The spotlight is on the Finance Bill and the Economic Affairs Sub-Committee report HMRC powers and treating taxpayers fairly on Tuesday 8 June.

Line by line checks

Detailed scrutiny (committee stage) of the Professional Qualifications Bill and Leasehold Refrom (Ground Rent) Bill start on Wednesday 9 June.

UK food and health

Members debate the Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment Committee report on Thursday 10 June. It highlighted failures in the UK's food system, putting the health of the population, and of the planet, at risk.

Explore further information

The House of Lords Library produces impartial research briefings on the House’s business.

Image: House of Lords / Roger Harris