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UK Parliament holds minute’s silence for National Day of Reflection

23 March 2021

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On 23 March, the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament led a minute’s silence to mark the anniversary of the first lockdown.

Members fell silent in both Chambers at midday as part of a National Day of Reflection to show support for the millions of people across the world who have been bereaved since the pandemic began.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, said: “None of us has escaped the ordeal of Covid-19 - from the shock of having our liberty taken away, to the heartbreak of losing someone we loved.

“So, a year on, it is right that we take a moment to reflect on what we as a nation have been through; that we pay tribute to the many lives lost and the families that mourn them and we say a big ‘thank you’ to our NHS staff who have worked so tirelessly on the frontline caring for people in need.”

Lord Fowler, the Lord Speaker, said: “A year ago today we were asked to stay at home to combat the spread of Coronavirus. Since then, many thousands have been lost and the lives of those left behind have been changed forever. The public have made enormous sacrifices to protect the lives of others.

“It is right that we in the House of Lords pause now, together with the Commons and the whole country, and remember those who have died and those who are bereaved.”

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