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July 2021

Read all the UK Parliament news for July 2021.

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Educational challenges faced by children from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller backgrounds: Committee launches call for written submissions
The Committee launches a call for written evidence as part of its inquiry into the educational challenges facing pupils from the Gypsy, Roma and Travelling Communities.
06 December 2021
Lords debates Health and Care Bill
Members discuss key purposes and principles of the new draft law including setting a cap on care costs and restricting advertising of unhealthy food and drinks. Find out more
06 December 2021
House of Lords holds roundtable on loot boxes
House of Lords members met with academics, charities and representatives from the gaming industry to discuss the impact of loot boxes on Wednesday 2 December.
06 December 2021
Commons Speaker visits Gibraltar, hailing it his "home from home"
The Speaker of the House of Commons has visited Gibraltar – the first on his tour of British Overseas Territories (BOTs) since he took up the post two years ago.
06 December 2021
Election watchdog executives to answer Committee probe
Watchdog industry top brass answers questions from PACAC committee
06 December 2021
Government’s response to report on measuring child poverty published
The Work and Pensions Committee publishes Government response to its report on measuring child poverty
06 December 2021
International Trade Committee launch inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy
In a new inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy, the Committee will examine its foreign policy and trade agreement strategy.
06 December 2021
Three private members' bills in the Lords
Members discuss hereditary peers, cigarette health warnings and addition of environment to the national curriculum. Catch up
06 December 2021
MPs question Government’s preferred candidate for Charity Commission Chair
Questions could focus on the Chair's political independence as well as the Commission's record on complaints and whistleblowers.
03 December 2021
MPs to question Sir Laurie Bristow, former Ambassador to Afghanistan
Foreign Affairs Committee hears from former Ambassador to Afghanistan
03 December 2021
Committee investigates interaction of NI Protocol with wider UK-EU trading relationship
International Trade Committee explores how the Protocol is being implemented
03 December 2021
Committee questions Thérèse Coffey MP
The Work and Pensions Committee quizzes the Secretary of State on Universal Credit rollout and the Government's Plan for Jobs
03 December 2021
Committee to scrutinise OBR Budget Responsibility Committee appointment
Treasury Committee publishes letter from the Chancellor
03 December 2021
Former Home Secretary Lord Blunkett questioned by MPs on IPP sentences
MPs on the Justice Committee hear from Lord Blunkett as part of their ongoing inquiry into IPP sentences.
03 December 2021
Supporting pupils’ recovery from the pandemic – Education Committee inquiry on Government’s catch-up programme
The Education Committee is holding a short inquiry on the Government’s education catch-up programme
03 December 2021
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