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Lords examines Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill

26 February 2021


The Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill had its committee stage, the first chance for line by line examination, and all remaining stages, in the House of Lords on Thursday 25 February.

Members discussed subjects including the use of gender-specific language in the drafting of the bill and contingency provisions for ministers who give birth before the passing of the new law.

Use of 'mother or expectant mother'

One of the amendments put forward by members changed the drafting of the bill to use the words 'mother or expectant mother', instead of the word 'person'.

The government accepted the change, saying it would be legally acceptable.

Following the completetion of committee stage, the remaining two stages in the Lords - report stage and third reading - also took place.

The bill now returns to the House of Commons for consideration of Lords amendments.

Lords second reading: Monday 22 February

Members discussed a range of topics inclulding paternity, shared parental and adoption leave, and issues faced by non-ministerial parliamentarians.

Lord True (Conservative), Cabinet Office Minister, opened the debate and responded on behalf of the government.

Speakers included the deputy director of the National Council for One Parent Families and the former president of the Married Women's Association.

Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill

This bill aims to:

  • allow a government minister to be appointed a ‘Minister on Leave’ for a time-limited period of six months to enable the minister to take paid maternity leave
  • allow time-limited payments to be made to individuals who are providing cover for certain opposition office holders who are on maternity leave.

Image: PA