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House of Commons recalled on Wednesday 18 August

15 August 2021


The Speaker of the House of Commons granted a request from the Government to recall the House of Commons at 9.30am on Wednesday 18 August in relation to the situation in Afghanistan.

Business when the House of Commons sits on 18 August 2021 

Business papers for Wednesday 18 August have been published on the parliamentary website.  

The main elements of business are: 

  • General Debate: Afghanistan

Recall of the House of Commons  

If there is an important development during a recess period, the House of Commons and House of Lords may be recalled.   

Standing Order No. [13] gives the Speaker the authority to recall the House of Commons, if he is satisfied it is within the public interest.  

Previous recalls  

The House of Commons was last recalled on 12 April 2021 to pay tribute to His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, following his death on 9 April. This was the 33rd recall during a recess since 1948.