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What's on in the House of Lords

14 April 2021

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What's on in the House of Lords chamber from Monday 12 April to Friday 16 April.

Friday 16 April


From 11am

Members discuss the key areas and main purpose (second reading) of three private members’ bills:

There will also be detailed consideration (committee stage) of the Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Bill.


Catch Up

Monday 12 April 

On Monday, the House of Lords met to pay tribute to His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Tuesday 13 April 

New Clerk of the Parliaments  

Simon Burton, 65th Clerk of the Parliaments, took an oath on his first day of duties in the chamber.

Members paid tribute to Ed Ollard's work as Clerk of the Parliaments.


Subjects covered: 

  1. Preparations for the UN Biodiversity Conference
  2. Improving railway services
  3. Impact of new EU visa for UK citizens
  4. Democracy campaigners in Hong Kong

Private Notice Question 

Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (Non-affiliated) questioned the government about the ongoing violence in Northern Ireland.


The House again on several provisions of the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill at report stage. Changes include prosecution for war crimes, removing time limits for serving or former service personnel to bring actions against the Crown and creating a duty of care for service personnel involved in investigations.

Grand Committee

In Grand Committee, scrutiny away from the chamber, members reviewed three items of legislation on greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear safeguards and audio-visual media services.


Wednesday 14 April 


Tributes to Baroness Williams of Crosby. 


Topics covered: 

  1. Life in the UK handbook
  2. Teacher training
  3. Police surveillance
  4. Global minimum corporate tax rate

Private Notice Question  

Lord Boateng (Labour) asked the government about the humanitarian and environmental impact of the recent volcanic eruption on St Vincent.

Statements and urgent question repeats

There were three government updates and members questions on: 


Members continued further examination of the Financial Services Bill at report stage, day three.

Grand Committee


During debates, members put their experience to good use, discussing current issues and drawing the government's attention to concerns.

In Grand Committee, away from the chamber, members debated the case for building an inclusive society. See the full list of speakers.  


Thursday 15 April 


Topics covered:  

  1. Domestic animal welfare
  2. Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis: standard of care
  3. Use of intercept evidence in criminal trials
  4. Backlog of cases in the Crown Courts 

Private Notice Question  

Lord Campbell of Pittenweem (Liberal Democrat) raised concerns with the government about the recent gathering of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border.


The House began line by line check and change (committee stage) of three private members bills:

  • British Library Board (Power to Borrow) Bill
  • Education and Training (Welfare of Children) Bill
  • Forensic Science Regulator Bill

Later, members started a further check and change (report stage) of the National Security and Investment Bill.

Grand Committee


Members discussed legislation relating to auction platforms, agricultural products and plant health.



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