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Lords debates Coronavirus regulations

25 September 2020

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Members of the Lords will discuss Coronavirus restrictions affecting Leicester, Northampton and parts of the north of England on Friday 25 September 2020. 

The rules in these statutory instruments regarding local lockdowns in the North of England and Leicester and Greencore workers are already in effect but must be debated and agreed by both Houses of Parliament by 28 September in order to remain so.

How do these draft instruments become law? 

These regulations are presented as a Statutory Instrument (SI). An Act of Parliament will often contain a broad framework and statutory instruments are used to provide the necessary detail that would be too complex to include in the Act itself. They are also quicker to change than an Act.

This instrument is subject to the affirmative procedure, which means it must be agreed by both Houses of Parliament before it can be made law. A vote can be taken on them if the House wishes but is not essential.  


Image: Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash.