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COVID-19: Lords questions government and debates new restrictions

14 October 2020

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On Wednesday 14 October the House of Lords hears an update from government and debates regulations making it an offence not to self-isolate. 

Statement on COVID-19 

At 1pm the government updates the House of Lords and members' questions follow. 

Debate on regulations 

At 2.40pm members debate regulations making it an offence not to self-isolate if instructed to by certain local authority and health officials. This would apply to those who have tested positive for coronavirus or who have been in close contact with someone else who has tested positive. 

Members are raising concerns and proposing changes to the debate. They relate to the scientific evidence used to inform restrictions, the test, trace and isolate regime, and support for local businesses and communities. 

Coronavirus alert levels regulations 

Image: Annie Spratt / Unplash