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COVID-19: Lords questions government and debates new restrictions

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Statement on COVID-19
At 1pm the government updates the House of Lords and members questions follow.

Debate on regulations
At 2.40pm members debate regulations making it an offence not to self-isolate if instructed to by certain local authority and health officials. This would apply to those who have tested positive for coronavirus or who have been in close contact with someone else who has tested positive.

Members are raising concerns and proposing changes to the debate. They relate to the scientific evidence used to inform restrictions, the test, trace and isolate regime, and support for local businesses and communities.

Coronavirus alert levels regulations

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Lords pauses for recess following a packed 2020
This year the House has adapted to ensure its crucial work checking and challenging government action continues
21 December 2020
Public Services Committee holds its first online seminar to discuss the Committee’s first report
Public Service Committee holds online roundtable event on 16 December at 2.45pm
11 December 2020
Committee asks what our increasingly digital lives will mean for our mental health
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence at 10:00am on 15 December
10 December 2020
Committee to discuss digital technology and the delivery of healthcare services
The COVID-19 Committee will hear from the British Medical Association, Healthwatch England, The King’s Fund and Professor Ruth Chambers
19 November 2020
Social Security (Up-rating of Benefits) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill sent for Royal Assent
18 November 2020
Lessons from COVID−19: major report on public services launched
A critical juncture for public services: lessons from COVID-19 report published
13 November 2020
Rapid pace of digitalisation investigated by Committee
The COVID-19 Committee takes evidence on digital trends in service delivery, workplaces and our personal lives
12 November 2020
House of Lords launches new podcast
The first episode, exploring how the House of Lords has responded to the coronavirus pandemic, is available to download now.
06 November 2020
Committee to kick-off new inquiry by exploring digital exclusion
The COVID-19 Committee is to start taking oral evidence in its new inquiry looking at the long-term impact on wellbeing of an increasing reliance on digital technology
05 November 2020
Committee asks what increasingly digital lives will mean for our wellbeing
Inquiry on the impact of digitalisation on peoples lives launched
28 October 2020
Committee publishes transcripts of its ‘Life Beyond COVID’ discussions
Transcripts of ‘Life Beyond COVID’ discussion groups published
26 October 2020
Lords debates COVID-19 restrictions
Members consider 10pm closing time, 'rule of six' and northern England lockdown rules
20 October 2020
Lords debates Coronavirus Act 2020
COVID-19 measures under spotlight
29 September 2020
Committee brings organisations together to share learning on ‘Life Beyond COVID’
The COVID-19 Committee took evidence as part of their Life Beyond COVID inquiry
09 September 2020
Railways and Artificial Intelligence in Lords questions for government
Coming up in members’ questions for government 7 – 10 September
07 September 2020
Total results 146 (page 4 of 10)