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Lords questions to government on 21 May

20 May 2020

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

On Thursday 21 May, the House of Lords began business with daily oral questions on hospital patient safety, the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, changes in the global oil market and supporting the unemployed.

You can watch the full session on Parliament TV. A transcript will also be available via Lords Hansard around three hours after proceedings, and a short summary of what was discussed is available below.

Questions asked on Thursday 21 May:

  • Baroness Browning asked the government about its steps to update guidance for hospitals about ensuring the safety of patients who do not have Covid-19 who require life-saving emergency treatment.

    Topics discussed include: reassuring the public that they are safe to attend hospitals for emergency treatment; use of PPE; mental health of healthcare workers; testing patients admitted to hospitals for Covid-19; co-operation between hospitals at a regional level to share resources; and returning specialist units from Covid-19 treatment centres to their original purpose.


  • Lord Teverson asked the government when it intends to publish their proposals for the roll out of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

    Topics discussed include: timelines for launching the scheme and the amount of funds available; decision making processes; support for the creative industries; application processes; support for specific areas of the UK; prioritisation for green investments; and branding for the fund.


  • Lord Howell of Guildford asked the government what assessment it has made of the changes in global oil markets and the implications of those changes for trade, addressing climate change, and international security.

    Topics discussed include: the advantages and disadvantages of the current low cost per barrel; the impact on business and government commitments to reducing emissions; the impact of low oil prices on other countries; a review of the UK oil and gas industry; diversification of oil companies; and the Scottish economy.


  • Baroness Sherlock asked the government how it plans to support the increasing number of people claiming benefits for unemployed.

    Topics discussed include: changes needed to match the scale of the crisis; the benefit cap; support for people aged under 25 and care leavers; support for people with a disability; Universal Credit advances and grants; supporting payment of bills; and support for self-employed people in rural areas.

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