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Lords questions government on Covid-19 in oral questions on 12 May

11 May 2020

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The House of Lords began business on Tuesday 12 May with daily oral questions held in virtual proceedings.

You can watch the full session live on Parliament TV. A transcript is also available via Lords Hansard around three hours after proceedings, and a short summary of what was discussed is available on this page.

Questions on Tuesday 12 May:

  • Baroness Bull asked the government about its assessment of the measures in place to protect vulnerable populations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Topics discussed include: supporting community living for people with learning disabilities; shielding guidelines groups with different levels of risk; provision of testing and PPE for care home workers; advice and support for people with care responsibilities; mental health support and advice for BAME communities; and support for the homeless.


  • Lord Razzall asked the government how the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme for small and medium sized businesses is operating.

    Topics discussed include: the roadmap for phasing out support schemes and introducing longterm stimulus packages; interest rates and other issues affecting take up of loan schemes; operation of the schemes in Northern Ireland; and supporting business owners from ethnic minorities, those outside of the southeast of England, and female business owners.


  • Baroness Massey of Darwen asked the government about its assessment on the ability of schools to deliver the new compulsory elements of the curriculum on relationships and sex education from September 2020.

    Topics discussed include: supporting the re-socialisation of children returning to school; consultation of parents; schools being adequately able to discuss issues such as forced marriages and honour abuse; support for teachers in special education schools; penalties for schools; and implementation of the curriculum being delayed due to Covid-19.


  • Baroness Burt of Solihull asked the government when the £76 million funding, announced on 2 May, to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic will be distributed.

    Topics discussed include: support and funding to charities; support for asylum seekers; the Brexit transition period; at-risk workers in the voluntary sector under pressure to work; and identifying domestic abuse cases among young people.

The Lord Speaker has also accepted the following urgent question (Private Notice Question) from Lord Berkeley:

  • Lord Berkeley asked the government, following the announcement made by the Prime Minister on Sunday 10 May, what steps are being taken to ensure the safety of passengers who have to use public transport to travel to and from work.

    Topics discussed include: encouraging cycling and walking; advice given to public transport operators and their employees; advice on the use of face masks; support for disabled people; availability of public transport in cities and in rural areas; and coordination of guidance across the four nations of the UK. 

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