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Lords committee monitoring Coronavirus Secondary Legislation

31 March 2020

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The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee is considering statutory instruments (subject to parliamentary procedure) that are being laid to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The committee has created a new page to track all SIs arising from the Coronavirus Act and their subsequent reports on them. This page provides a running list of the instruments that have been laid. Once they have been considered by the committee, a link to the relevant report will be added.

What are Statutory Instruments (SIs)?

SIs are secondary pieces of legislation that ministers or other bodies are enabled to create by a law. These pieces of secondary legislation are used to fill in the details of Acts (pieces of primary legislation), providing practical measures to enable the law to operate. Statutory instruments are the most common form of secondary (or delegated) legislation.

The power to make a statutory instrument is set out in an Act of Parliament and nearly always conferred on a Minister of the Crown. The Minister is then able to make law on the matters identified in the Act, and using the parliamentary procedure set out in the Act. SIs may follow affirmative (they must be actively agreed by both Houses of Parliament) or negative (they become law immediately unless a motion to reject it is agreed by either House) procedure, or have no procedure at all, but which to use is fixed by the Act.

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