Prime Minister's Questions: 3 June 2020

03 June 2020

During PMQs today MPs questioned the Prime Minister on quarantine arrangements, the easing of lockdown restrictions, furlough for the self-employed and more.

Questions from the Leader of the Opposition

The Leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer started by expressing his "shock and anger at the death of George Floyd" and that he is "surprised that the Prime Minister has not said anything" about this yet.

Mr Starmer told the House that the Telegraph reported that the Prime Minister has decided to take direct control of the Government's response to the virus. He then went on to ask "who has been in direct control up 'til now?"

Following a YouGov poll which showed "a drop in trust" in the UK Government, he asked the Prime Minister "how worried" he is about this loss of trust.

He also asked about the Test, Track and Trace operation. He said the Prime Minister promised two weeks ago that it will be in place by 1 June however Dido Harding, Chair of the Track and Trace system said "this element will not be ready until the end of June".

He said yesterday, the Chair of the UK Statistics Authority wrote to the Health Secretary saying "the statistics [for daily Covid-19 tests] still fall well short of expectations" and "it is not surprising that giving their [the Government's] inadequacy, data on testing are so widely criticised and so often mistrusted".

He also asked about the 'R' rate and the alert level for Coronavirus, and voting in the House of Commons.

Questions from the Scottish National Party's Westminster Leader

The Scottish National Party's Westminster Leader, Ian Blackford said "watching events unfold across America in recent days, and the actions and rhetoric from the American President has been distressing and deeply worrying".

He scrutinised the Government, saying: "in the seven days since George Floyd was murdered, the UK Government have not even offered words".

He went on to ask:

  • "What representations has he made to his ally Donald Trump?" regarding the death of George Floyd and the protests following his death.
  • about UK exports of riot control equipment to the USA, including tear gas and rubber bullets. He went on to ask "will the Prime Minister urgently review such exports?"

Full list of topics and questioners 

  • Labour MP, Rachael Maskell (York Central) asked why the Prime Minister won't "publish a full health and economic risk assessment for public scrutiny to protect us all from this deadly virus".
  • Conservative MP, Scott Benton (Blackpool South) asked "what assistance is the Government providing to areas such as Blackpool to deal with the influx of visitors at a time where local services are already under pressure?"
  • Conservative MP, Jeremy Hunt (South West Surrey) asked about testing and whether the 24 hour turn around target has been reached.
  • Conservative MP, Jane Hunt (Loughborough) asked about religious faiths visiting places of worship with social distancing within their premises. She also asked whether wedding venues can be accessed for bookings.
  • Conservative MP, Paul Howell (Sedgefield) asked about stimulating the UK economy and the process of 'levelling-up'. 
  • Conservative MP, Mel Stride (Central Devon) asked about "including self employment income received by way of dividend in the calculation of furlough support".
  • Conservative MP, Mark Fletcher (Bolsover) asked about the Prime Minister meeting with him to discuss Bolsover possibly leading the country with a green enterprise zone.
  • Conservative MP, Laura Trott (Sevenoaks) asked whether the Prime Minister can "confirm that the 147 new police officers promised to Kent will not be delayed and that they will be focused on frontline policing to tackle anti-social behaviour".
  • Conservative MP, Rob Butler (Aylesbury) asked about support for businesses using local council budgets.
  • Conservative MP, Henry Smith (Crawley) asked about the aviation sector. He asked if Boris would "consider an extension to the furlough for air industry employees, through the low season and into 2021".
  • Labour (Co-op ) MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Brighton, Kemptown) asked about cuts in fire authorities.
  • Conservative MP, Laura Farris (Newbury) asked about domestic abuse.
  • Conservative MP, Holly Mumby-Croft (Scunthorpe) asked about steel being made in Britain for HS2.
  • Labour MP, Paul Blomfield (Sheffield Central) asked about "migrants living and working lawfully in the UK" as they "have no resource to public findings".
  • Labour MP, Dr Alan Whitehead (Southampton, Test) asked about quarantine arrangements.
  • Labour MP, Judith Cummins (Bradford South) asked about the Westferry development.
  • Labour MP, Maria Eagle (Garston and Halewood) asked whether "Liverpool City Council and Knowsely Borough Council will get the full cost of their Covid spend reimbursed".
  • Labour MP, Ben Bradshaw (Exeter) asked about the quarantine policy for overseas travel.
  • Labour MP, Fleur Anderson (Putney) asked "will the Prime Minister condemn the actions of the American police, will he freeze the sales of tear gas and rubber bullets?".
  • Liberal Democrat MP, Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) asked if the Prime Minister will "provide a support package for tourism and hospitality [ ... ] to see them through the Spring to 2021".
  • Labour MP, Andy Slaughter (Hammersmith)  asked why the Prime Minister removed reference to the "thousands of responses to the review [of the risk Covid-19 poses to Black and Minority Ethnic groups]"
  • Conservative MP, Theresa May (Maidenhead) asked a question about the availability of data from the Schengen Information System after the end of the Brexit transition period

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