MPs vote to approve Queen's Speech

20 January 2020

MPs today voted to approve the Queen's Speech by 334 votes to 247 votes.

On 19 December 2019, the Government laid out its proposals for the new Parliamentary session in the Queen's Speech. These included plans concerning the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, constitutional reform, the NHS and counter-terrorism.

The proposed subjects for the days of debate were:

  • Thursday 19 December: First day of debate
  • Monday 13 January: Britain in the world
  • Tuesday 14 January: Education and local government
  • Wednesday 15 January: A green industrial revolution
  • Thursday 16 January: Health and social care
  • Monday 20 January: The economy and jobs


There were four amendments selected in total for the Queen's Speech. 

One amendment was selected on Thursday 16 January:

  • Amendment (c). This Amendment was moved by the Opposition and related to increasing NHS funding to 4 per cent per year. Amendment (c) was defeated by 313 votes to 222 votes.

Three amendments were selected on Monday 20 January:

  • Amendment (b). This Amendment related to freedom of movement, WASPIE women, social security benefits and ensuring the legislative consent of Scotland and Senedd before leaving the EU. MPs voted against the Amendment by 341 votes to 59 votes.
  • Amendment (d). This Amendment related to ending austerity, funding public services, tackling tax avoidance and dealing with the climate crisis. MPs voted against the Amendment by 342 votes to 236 votes.
  • Amendment (e). This Amendment related to addressing the climate emergency, tackling poverty and introducing proportional representation. MPs voted against the Amendment by 341 votes to 59 votes.

Votes on the motion

MPs voted to approve the Queen's Speech (the original motion that an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty) by 334 votes to 247 votes.

Watch Parliament TV: Debate on the Address: The Economy and Jobs

  • Transcripts of proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber are available in Hansard online three hours after they happen.

Image: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament

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