Lords debates Queen's Speech

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09 January 2020

The Queen’s Speech sets out the government’s agenda for the year ahead. Members debate the content over three days, looking at the different subject areas, from Tuesday 7 January to Thursday 9 January.

Coming up

Thursday 9 January

Members will debate economic affairs, business and public services.

What's happened so far?

Thursday 19 December - formal thanks in reply to the Queen's Speech

The Address in Reply to Her Majesty's Gracious Speech took place as soon as the House of Lords chamber was returned to its normal layout following State Opening.

Tuesday 7 January

The House of Lords debated foreign affairs, defence, international development, trade, climate change and the environment.

Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (Green) made her maiden speech.

Wednesday 8 January

Members debated home affairs, justice, constitutional affairs and devolved affairs.

Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay (Conservative) and Lord Davies of Gower (Conservative) made their maiden speeches.

Further information

Image: House of Lords /  Roger Harris 2019

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