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Statement on the future relationship with the EU

27 February 2020

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Michael Gove updates the House on the future relationship of the UK and the EU after Brexit, which took place on 31 January 2020.

Michael Gove: "we are entering a new chapter in the history of these islands"

Michael Gove MP, the Minister for the Cabinet Office/Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster opened his statement by saying:

"Now that Britain has left the EU we are entering a new chapter in the history of these islands."

"We will have the freedom to frame our own laws, control our own borders, lower all our taxes, set our own tariffs, determine our own trade relationships and ensure that we follow the people's priorities on security, the economy and democratic accountability."

Mr Gove told the House that over the next 9 months the Government will negotiate a new relationship with the EU, "based on free trade and friendly cooperation".

The talks for these negotiations will begin week commencing 2 March 2020.

The Government aims to secure a "comprehensive free trade agreement", as well as agreement on questions such as fisheries, internal security and aviation.

He said that the Governments plans are set out in their policy paper, 'Our approach to the Future Relationship with the EU'.

He went on to assure the House and the public by saying:

"At the end of the transition period, on 31 December, the UK will fully recover its economic and political independence.

"We want the best possible trading relationship with the EU, but in pursuit of a deal we will not trade away out sovereignty."

Paul Blomfield: Government is "taking serious risks"

Shadow Minister for Exiting the European Union, Paul Blomfield MP, said "Brexit is far from done" and the Government's ambition for our new relationship is "underwhelming".

He asked: "why are they [the Government] unwilling to make the commitment" of higher UK trading standards.

The Shadow Minister said that the Government is "taking serious risks with our economy, people's jobs and with their livelihoods". He says that the Government's approach is "taking businesses from one set of uncertainties to a new set" by ruling out an extension to the transition period for leaving the EU.

Mr Blomfield also called on the Government to publish impact assessments on the UK economy and the Free Trade Agreement with the US, with Japan and transpacific partnership. 

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