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Update on possible relocation of parliamentary functions

19 August 2020

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

Earlier this year, the R&R Sponsor Body announced a strategic review into plans for the Restoration and Renewal of Parliament. In July, the Prime Minister wrote to the Sponsor Body, suggesting that some functions of Parliament be moved out of London.

In response, the Sponsor Body sought the views of the Speakers of both Houses, noting it was not within their remit to look at alternative locations outside of London.

Both Speakers expressed the view that they "do not consider it would be appropriate or advisable for the strategic review to consider an alternative location for Parliament outside London within its terms of reference." This view has now been communicated to the Prime Minister, in a letter from Sarah Johnson, Chief Executive of the Sponsor Body and David Goldstone, Chief Executive of the Design Authority.

The R&R Sponsor Body is expected to report on its strategic review later this year.

Image: Parliamentary Copyright