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Prorogation ceremony 9 September 2019

24 September 2019

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

At at the end of business on 9 September a prorogation ceremony took place. The Supreme Court judgment of 24 September 2019 found this prorogation to be unlawful meaning that the 2017-19 parliamentary session will resume on 25 September 2019.

Supreme Court judgment 24 September 2019

Prorogation ceremony 9 September 2019

What is prorogation?

Prorogation marks the formal end of the Parliamentary session. It usually takes the form of an announcement, read on behalf of the Queen, in the House of Lords chamber.

About the prorogation announcement

The announcement lists the major pieces of legislation passed during the session and also describes other measures taken by the government during the Parliamentary year.

Once it has been read in the Lords, the same announcement is repeated by the Speaker in the House of Commons.

Image: Copyright House of Lords 2019 / Photography by Roger Harris