Urgent question on Learning Disabilities Mortality Review

15 May 2019

Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care, Barbara Keeley, asked an urgent question on the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review.

The Learning Disability Mortality Review Programme was set up to improve the quality of health and social care service delivery for people with learning disabilities. In particular, it looks at why people with learning disabilities die much earlier than average.

The Minister of State for Care, Caroline Dinenage, responded to the question on behalf of the Government and stated:

"Each and every death which might have been prevented is an absolute tragedy and we mustn't compound that tragedy by failing to learn any of the lessons we can that might improve the care that's provided in the future and that's why the Government, in the first place, asked NHS England to commission the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review."

Barbara Keeley responded to the Minister and said:

"It appears from the leak that the review has only been able to consider a quarter of the premature deaths reported to it, leaving more than 3,000 families waiting for closure, it's those 3,000 families that we should be focusing on."

Image: DWP

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