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Urgent question as Bombardier plan to sell off Northern Irish operation

7 May 2019 (updated on 7 May 2019)


Tony Lloyd has asked an urgent question following Bombardier's announcement last week that it would sell off its Northern operations as it consolidates its aerostructures business.

Bombardier's Belfast operation currently hold valuable intellectual property rights to a unique resin transfer process, developed by Belfast engineers, a technology essential to the manufacture of wings for the Airbus A220.

With over 1000 Belfast jobs linked to the company, the Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary asked the Government to make a statement.

Minister, Andrew Stephenson, said,

"Bombardier have told us it is a strategic decision for the company so they can focus on their transportation division which includes trains and business jets. They will be consolidating their aerospace assets into a single business unit with core operations in Canada the USA and Mexico  while selling their NI and Morocco units.

I recognise that this is unwelcome news for the Northern Ireland workforce....we have been assured by Bombardier that they are committed to finding the right buyer and will not rush to sell at any price."

Responding, Tony Lloyd said,

"We look now to the Minister to give [...]assurance to the people of Northern Ireland, the people of the UK and beyond, that Bombardier will make sure that that the present workforce, the present skills base and the present production will continue unscathed."

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Image: PA

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