What's next for Brexit? No Commons majority in indicative votes

27 March 2019

On Wednesday 27 March, MPs had the opportunity to participate in indicative votes on various Brexit-related motions.

This unusual step came as the result of an amendment in the name of Oliver Letwin, securing Parliamentary time for debate and a series of votes on various Brexit scenarios, to see which, if any, might command a majority in the House of Commons.

The Business of the House motion laid yesterday sets out the timings and structure of the voting, and also secured a further debate on Monday 1 April. Various amendments have been tabled to the Motion, including one which would have prevented any further time being removed from Government control, but none were selected.

You can find the full text of the Business of the House Motion and amendments in the Order Paper.

The unamended Business of the House was approved by division, 331 to 287, enabling the debate on motions tabled by MPs and subsequently, indicative voting.

MPs submitted motions covering sixteen different approaches for consideration, including no-deal, a customs union and a second referendum. The Speaker selected eight for debate and voting, all of which were moved. Following debate and voting, none were able to win a majority in the House of Commons

Motion Sponsor Noes Ayes
(B) No Deal Mr John Baron 400 160
(D) Common market 2.0 Mr Nicholas Boles 283 188
(H) EFTA and EEA Mr George Eustice 377 65
(J) Customs Union Mr Kenneth Clarke 272 264
(K) Labour's alternative plan Jeremy Corbyn 307 237
(L) Revocation to avoid No Deal Joanna Cherry 293 184
(M) Confirmatory public vote
Dame Margaret Beckett 295 268
(O) Contingent preferential arrangements Mr Marcus Fysh 422 139

It is expected that a similar process may take place in the House on Monday, potentially with fewer option, though this remains speculative.

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Image: PC/Mark Duffy

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