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Urgent question on no-deal Brexit preparations

20 March 2019 (updated on 20 March 2019)

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Conservative MP, John Baron asked an urgent question on no-deal Brexit preparations.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union replied to the urgent question on behalf of the Government and stated:

"the Government has undertaken specific action to prepare for a potential no-deal scenario however despite the impact of a no-deal scenario is expected to be significant in a number of areas... Leaving the EU with no deal is the legal default until Parliament passes a deal or agrees on an alternative. We are focused on achieving that but until it has been achieved we will continue to prepare for no deal and would advise businesses to do the same."

John Baron replied to the Minister/Secretary saying that reports in the media are causing concern across the country and asked the Minister to reassure people that the Government is prepared for a no-deal Brexit

Transcripts of today's proceedings will be available on Hansard three hours after they take place.

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