Royal Assent: Stalking Protection Bill signed into law

15 March 2019

The Stalking Protection Bill received Royal Assent on 15 March 2019. It becomes the Stalking Protection Act 2019.

What is the Stalking Protection Bill?

Sponsored by Dr Sarah Wollaston and Baroness Bertin, the Bill creates a new civil Stalking Protection Order to protect members of the public from risks associated with stalking.

The Act received Royal Assent on 15 March 2019, having completed all its parliamentary stages. Parts of the Act commence (come into force) immediately while other parts commence later.

You can follow its passage, from first reading to Act of Parliament, below.

Stalking Protection Bill 2017-19: Parliamentary passage

You can find explanatory information, bill documents, impartial supporting research and links to transcripts and video of proceedings in both Houses of Parliament:

What is Royal Assent?

Once a bill has completed all the parliamentary stages in both Houses, it is ready to receive Royal Assent. This is when the Queen formally agrees to make the bill into an Act of Parliament (law).

There is no set time period between the end of a bill’s passage through Parliament and Royal Assent.

Image: Pixabay

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