Government questioned on far-right violence in wake of recent attacks

18 March 2019

Labour MP for Lewisham East, Janet Daby, asked the Government about its strategy to tackle far-right violence and online extremism in the UK, in light of the recent attacks in New Zealand and Surrey.

On Friday, two terrorist mass shootings were conducted at the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. 50 people were killed and a further 50 were injured.

The urgent question also follows a suspected far-right stabbing in Stanwell in Surrey, in which 19-year-old man was injured.

Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime, Ben Wallace, replied to the urgent question and said:

"Our counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST does not differentiate between what motivates the threat, it is designed to address all forms of terrorism whatever the ideology, be it Islamist, neo-nazi, far right or extreme left wing."

In response Janet Daby asked the Minister to clarify what steps would be taken to deal with social media offences while protecting free speech, and about security measures for mosques.

Image: PA

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