Lords discuss inequality since financial crisis

14 June 2019

On Thursday 13 June, members of the House of Lords debated inequalities in income, wealth and living standards in the UK since the 2008 financial crisis. Members discussed the Institute for Fiscal Studies' Deaton Review of inequalities in the 21st century and the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights.

Members taking part included a former member of the Lords Social Mobility Committee and a former member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights.  

This was a general debate. They normally take place on a Thursday in the chamber. During debates, members are able to put their experience to good use, discussing current issues and drawing the government's attention to concerns.

The debate was proposed by Lord Dubs (Labour), member of the EU External Affairs Sub-Committee.

Members taking part included:

  • Lord Davies of Oldham (Labour), Lords shadow spokesperson for the Treasury
  • Lord Farmer (Conservative), former member of the Lords Social Mobility Committee
  • Baroness Prashar (Crossbench), former member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights
  • Baroness Janke (Liberal Democrat), member of the Food, Poverty, Health and Environment Committee

Lord Ravensdale (Crossbench), made his maiden speech.

Baroness Barran (Conservative), government whip, responded on behalf of the government.

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