Urgent question on Universal Credit fraud

10 July 2019

Shadow SNP Spokesperson for Work and Pensions, Neil Gray, asked an urgent question in the Commons following recent claims from the BBC on multi-million pound fraud in the Universal Credit scheme.

The BBC has claimed fraudsters are targeting welfare claimants to make fraudulent applications and claim advance loans under the Universal Credit scheme.

Minister of State for the Department for Work and Pensions, Justin Tomlinson, responded to the urgent question and informed the MPs:

"On Monday, the BBC published an article which described cases where fraudulent applications had been made to acquire advance payments. The figures quoted are unverified."

He went on to say:

"We have a dedicated team of investigators working on this issue and we are working with the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure that where appropriate, perpetrators will be prosecuted." 

Responding to the Government, Neil Gray replied;

"...what will the Minister now do to ensure that those affected are not left out of pocket; those who have ripped them off are brought to justice and practices are put in place to ensure this cannot happen again."

Transcripts of proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber are available in Hansard online three hours after they happen. 

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Image: DWP

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