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Urgent question on pensions for severely disabled victims in Northern Ireland

22 July 2019 (updated on 22 July 2019)

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MP for Belfast South, Emma Little Pengelly, asked an urgent question in the Commons on pensions for severely disabled victims in Northern Ireland.

The urgent question follows recent attempts by the DUP to work with the UK Government in  order to ensure the Severely Injured Pension can benefit victims of the troubles in northern Ireland. 

Responding to the urgent question, Minister of State for Northern Ireland John Penrose stated that;

"It remains the Government's position that while it is right and proper to provide a pension for victims of Troubles related terrorist incidents, this should not become a pension for terrorists.""

In response to the Government, Emma Little Pengelly said:

"The hallmark of a peace process should be how we treat our victims and sadly too often it is victims, time and time again, who are being asked to compromise. In order to get much need help and support they have to facilitate and allow those victim-makers to get it also"

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