Urgent question as inspector demands immediate improvement at Feltham YOI

24 July 2019

The chief inspector of prisons triggered the 'urgent notification' process at Feltham A Young Offenders Institute (YOI) in West London.

This process prevents new inmates from being sent to the YOI until urgent safety and care concerns are addressed. Feltham A YOI houses over 100 15-18 year old offenders. The inspector said;

"We found that, in the six months since the last inspection, there had been what can only be described as a collapse in performance and outcomes for the children being held in Feltham A."

Answering an urgent question from the MP for Feltham, Seema Malhotra, the Justice Minister said;

"[The Governor] is working hard to drive improvements in an establishment which has one of the highest and most concentrated proportions of violent offenders in the country. She and her team are dedicated to turning Feltham A around, and we will continue to support them to do that. As required by the urgent notification process, we will formally respond with an action plan within the required 28 days."

In response to the Government's statement, Malhotra said;

"The problems at Feltham have been long-standing, and the situation should have been avoidable. The Government does have much to answer for, as to why the decline has been so fast. With a steep rise in violence against staff, allegations of assault and levels of self-harm. The Government absolutely and desperately needs to get to grips with the causes of this rapid decline as a matter of urgency."

Image: Ministry of Justice

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