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International Development Secretary gives quarterly update on Daesh

3 July 2019 (updated on 3 July 2019)

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Addressing MPs, Rory Stewart, the Secretary of State for the Department of International Development, gave the quarterly update on Daesh.

The UK has been involved in fighting Daesh, the terrorist group also known as the Islamic State, in the middle east. In 2014, Daesh controlled significant portions of land and announced itself a caliphate.

In recent months, the terror group's final strongholds have been recaptured, and attention has been focussed on preventing the movement of former fighters into other areas, ensuring it does not have access to finance or funding and supporting local security forces.

The International Development Secretary told MPs that;

"Even without holding territory Daesh remains a significant terrorist threat. […] Britain and its allies needs to stand in a state of grace, preparing for the unexpected."

Responding to the statement, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Dan Carden said;

"We welcome the destruction of Daesh's final enclaves in Syria"

Carden went on to ask the Secretary of State what he is doing to support the protection of all communities in the regions and to set out the ongoing role of UK forces in the region.

Image: DFID

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