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Government statement on detention

18 July 2019 (updated on 18 July 2019)

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The Government has made a statement on updates to the guidance and training for UK personnel dealing with detainees who are held by others.

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner Sir Adrian Fulford has reviewed the existing guidance and training and has put forward proposals to improve and update current arrangements.

The Government has accepted his proposals in full, and new guidance has now been published. A document detailing the changes - "The principles relating to the detention and interviewing of detainees overseas, and the passing and receipt of intelligence relating to detainees" is available here.

David Lidington, the Minister of State for the Cabinet Office told MPs,

"The new document will now be explicitly engaged when there is a risk of extraordinary rendition, rendition, or unlawful killing occurring in the context of detention.  It will also apply not only when UK personnel are working with governments, but also where non-state actors or groups are involved."

Responding on behalf of the Opposition, Shadow Minister Emily Thornberry said,

"Even before the report from the [Intelligence and Security Committee] was published, I believe that there was a deliberate attitude on the Government's part to circle the wagons and to avoid any judicial scrutiny or public consultation on the past actions of the intelligence services, or the future rules by which they operate."

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